February 13, 2017 Sharon Cronin


Another busy week for the life insurance and pension industry, with companies changing hands, people claiming double tax relief, digital of course and why we are so hot for blockchain.  

Aviva sells out of French join venture

...Aviva sold its 50 per cent shareholding in Antarius, a joint venture with separate Société Générale subsidiary Crédit du Nord, to Sogecap for approximately £425m....

...The consideration represents approximately 1.7 times Aviva’s share of the IFRS net asset value of Antarius and 16.4 times Aviva’s share of the earnings after tax....

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Prevent people 'recycling' pension contributions and claiming tax relief twice

...The Treasury is coming under increased pressure from pension providers to row back on its proposed cut to the money purchase annual allowance (MPAA)....

…in a bid to prevent people 'recycling' pension money and claiming tax relief twice….

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The insurance industry want to go digital-friendly

...Insurance Europe said "product innovation and claims settlement" in the insurance market is set to be impacted by new types of 'insurtech'....

..."Insurance legislation, rules or guidelines should be digital-friendly, technologically neutral and sufficiently future-proof to be fit for the digital age and encourage digital innovation," Insurance Europe said....

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Insurance industry body calls for 'digital-friendly, technologically neutral' and 'future-proof' rules to support innovation

Video on why blockchain is so hot…


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