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Norman is Chief Executive Officer at Exaxe and a member of the board of directors. Co-founder of Exaxe, Norman has over 30 years extensive experience in the life assurance industry. Norman holds an MBA from the Michael Smurfit Graduate School, University College Dublin and is a qualified Chartered Insurer.
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2018 – Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

January 03, 2018 Norman Carroll

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2018 – INNOVATION, INNOVATION, INNOVATION The start of a new year always puts me in a more reflective mood.  Time to consider whether 2017 has lived up to our expectations and whether we have met the goals we set ourselves at the start of the year.   At the start of 2017,I wrote that I believed this was the year that automation would take a quantum leap.  It turned out to be an understatement, if ever there was one, with huge advances being made in the world of technology.
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2017 - the year automation takes a quantum leap

January 03, 2017 Norman Carroll

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2017 - THE YEAR AUTOMATION TAKES A QUANTUM LEAP When I wrote my New Year’s Blog in 2016, I said that the pace of technological, regulatory and political change would increase throughout 2016, promising a year of exciting challenges and opportunities for all of us in the life and pensions sector.  Little did I know what a massive understatement I was making!
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Life and pensions set for a good year in 2016

January 04, 2016 Norman Carroll

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Life and pensions set for a good year in 2016 The last few years have been difficult for all of us working in the financial services sector. The hangover from the boom that preceded the global financial crisis of 2008 lasted far longer than originally predicted, and the ‘plink, plink, fizz’ of the austerity cure was slow to work its magic.
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You can outsource business processes but not your compliance responsibilities.

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When it comes to outsourcing business processes the advantages seem obvious. It may make perfect sense to go this route so that you can focus on your core business activities, i.e. developing and marketing financial products. Leave the non-core activities to others, i.e. the administration. The only work involved for you lies in monitoring the SLAs. This appears to be an ideal route to go, and indeed for many it is. However the one area that is often overlooked when considering a case for outsourcing is compliance. The regulator is paying a lot of attention to the issue of where responsibility lies and it is worth being sure that, before you decide to outsource, you know exactly where you stand on this issue.
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What lies ahead – The UK life and pensions landscape in 2020

January 12, 2015 Norman Carroll

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While I don’t claim to have 20/20 vision, I do have a view of what the UK’s life and pensions landscape will be like in 2020, and it is one that will be hugely different from the one we see today.
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