February 20, 2017 Sharon Cronin


Love Insurance

Would you buy guaranteed love for £35, as a Chinese’s underwrite has launched “love insurance.”
...Chinese life insurer, China Life, has launched ‘love insurance’ for young romantics – meaning love can be a bed of roses this Valentine’s Day....

...China Life’s love insurance is reportedly designed ‘to guide the younger generation to develop a positive attitude towards love and relationships....

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China Life launches ‘love insurance’

Pensions need to be more social and less financial

According to a recent report, people ae looking for pensions to be social focused and less on financial.  
...Nearly a third of employees would save more towards their retirement if they had the option of a "social pension", a survey has found....

...Simon Rowell, a senior director at Big Society Capital, said: “A new generation of social pension funds could help people redirect their pensions to causes and companies they believe in....

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“Social pensions” could boost retirement savings

Chocolate comes before life insurance

CompareCover has found that people would spend more on chocolate than life insurance.  
...Life insurance comparison website Compare Cover has analysed the latest Office of National Statistics Family Spending data and found that on average Brits spend more on takeaways, mobile phone subscriptions and pets than they would on insuring their lives....

...Mike Preston, Business Development Director at Compare Cover, said: “Compare Cover is a life insurance comparison website so we decided to compare the average weekly spend for a UK family with the cost of life insurance....

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Brits spend more a month on chocolate than they would on life insurance

L&G knows how to use AI correctly

Legal and General are taking that right approach when it comes to Robo Advice.
...Legal & General Insurance has started investigating ways to bring a form of robo-advice to the protection process to improve the customer journey....

...Mr Holweger pointed out that banks and building societies have already been using internet-based services to create a more seamless and secure mortgage process, and said the protection element could be built into this process....

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Legal & General to embrace robo-advice

If you too would like to learn more about Robo advice and how best to apply it, contact us for a brief call.  During that call, we will go through what it is, what it is not and what is the first step you should take.

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