Can you respond if your market erupts?

April 21, 2010 Tom Murray

process back up volcano technology ash cloud

As I watched the new reports of the disruption caused by the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull over the weekend, it struck me that there were lessons here for all businesses, not just the airline industry. The sudden and massive disruption to the airlines by forces outside man’s control, showed how powerless the companies were in the face of sudden change. All their contingency plans for terrorist strikes, industrial action, and fuel shortages were unable to cope with the one problem they had not considered; the complete shutdown of the airspace through which their planes have to fly.
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Retail Distribution Review - The return of “The man from the Pru”?

February 03, 2010 Tom Murray

Illustrations Illustrate Plus White Papers Invest Plus Annuity

The results of the FSA‟s Retail Distribution Review (RDR) are now finalised. The main recommendations of the consultation paper have been left intact and it is clear that life and pension providers are going to have to make significant changes in order to implement it.
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5 Ways Exaxe is Helping IT Managers facing Budget Cuts

April 17, 2009 Tom Murray

Illustrations Illustrate Plus New Products Life and Pensions technology

The economic downturn has resulted in IT budgets being slashed and many key projects being delayed, postponed, or even scrapped. As a consequence how organisations are buying and implementing IT has changed - making Exaxe's solutions even more advantageous in the following ways:
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Norwich Union Implements Next Generation Illustrations Technology

February 13, 2009 Tom Murray

Illustrations Illustrate Plus Invest Plus Admin Plus Life and Pensions

Illustrate Plus to support new business illustrations in European Expansion
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The 5 Secrets of Success at MGM Advantage

November 21, 2008 Tom Murray

Invest Plus MGM Advantage Annuity Life and Pensions technology

Exaxe's Income Plus solution enabled MGM Advantage to launch a sophisticated new annuity product in just 16-week on a new platform. Most interestingly, this was achieved without a major overhaul of IT infrastructure. The 5 secrets to success were:
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Take a Look the L&P Organisation of 2012

November 13, 2008 Tom Murray

Competition SOA Life and Pensions technology Time to Market

I am going to ask you to forget about next quarter for a moment and even next year. Instead, I am going to ask you to fast forward to 2012 and to what the ‘typical life’ and pension organisation will look like.
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Why Legacy Systems Struggle with New Products

November 13, 2008 Tom Murray

IT Systems New Products Life and Pensions technology Legacy Systems

The running of any L&P business depends on a range of IT systems, built up over decades.
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Getting ‘Back to Basics’

November 11, 2008 Tom Murray

New Products Life and Pensions technology 'IT Centric' Market Centric

I have been in the Life and Pensions industry for a long time – long enough to have witnessed almost the entire evolution of IT within the sector.
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Organizations rethink how they buy IT

November 11, 2008 Tom Murray

Try before you buy! Policy Administration Systems Vendor Selection Vendor Cliams Life and Pensions

As Vendor Scepticism Reaches New Heights Organizations Are Re-thinking How They Buy I.T.
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