Manitoba Retail Sales Tax change is a backward move

June 14, 2012 Tom Murray

liability Pensions EU Canada Life and Pensions

Canada could learn from the EU The announcement yesterday that Manitoba was imposing Retail Sales Tax (RST) on protection products is a backward step in the drive to get Canadians to take responsibility for their own futures. The RST will apply to individual disability insurance, critical illness insurance and group disability insurance coverage.
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Will debt blight Canadian Pensioners golden years?

May 29, 2012 Tom Murray

pooled registered pension plans Canadian pensioners Pensions Canada Life and Pensions

Readers of this blog will be aware that I frequently heap praise on the Canadian pension system. It’s not perfect, but in terms of what it is providing to its consumers it remains one of the best balanced and most easily understood in the world. This has helped to ensure that Canadians in general are in a better position than most in the western world when they come to retire. Proposed improvements, such as the pooled registered pension plans (PRPPs), will significantly improve this position again.
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TechLife Exaxe Newsletter May 2012

UK budget 2012 pooled registered pension plans White Papers Pensions UK

The second print edition of TechLife is now available. TechLife is published every quarter and is filled with industry news, white papers and information on legislative changes.
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Are vested interests preventing true pension reform?

April 26, 2012 Tom Murray

pension provision longevity Pensions UK reform programme

Report after report lands on my desk calling for major reform of the pension landscape. Great play is made of the longevity figures, which show that the current system is unsustainable and that disruptive thinking is needed to solve this crisis.
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Ottawa decides that pensions ain’t broke…

April 05, 2012 Tom Murray

minister of finance Pensions RRSP Canada oas

Governments love the idea of the grand gesture. When it comes to big problems, like the looming pension crisis in most OECD countries, the natural temptation for a minister is to come up with a huge initiative, which causes major disruption in the policy area, confident in the knowledge that he or she will no longer be in charge by the time the results come through.
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TechLife Exaxe Newsletter

February 27, 2012 Sharon Cronin

updates White Papers Pensions UK life and pensions news

This month Exaxe publishes its first print edition of TechLife. TechLife will be published every quarter and is filled with industry news, white papers and information on legislative changes.
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PRPPs are a no-brainer

February 10, 2012 Tom Murray

Pensions Canada pooled retirement pension plans Government Canadian pensions

The debate across Canada around Pooled Registered Pension Plans is a tad surprising. It seems that many industry insiders are determined to resist change even though the current pension system is not ideal. However, criticism of the PRPP initiative continues to be featured heavily in the press and it is not helping people to feel confident about the approach.
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Harper’s Davos yodel echoes coast to coast in Canada

February 01, 2012 Tom Murray

G20 Pensions Healthy life expectancy HLE Canada

Canadian premier Stephen Harper may have felt that the best way to introduce bad news to Canada’s pensioners was to travel three and a half thousand miles away to the World Economic Forum in Davos so that he could avoid the resulting flack, but there is no doubt that all of Canada heard about the speech almost immediately. Already the battle lines are being drawn in what promises to be a major political war over the pension issue.
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Look out Ottawa…it’s behind you!

January 09, 2012 Tom Murray

Pensions Canada Merkel Eurozone 17 Candian economy

I brought the kids to the pantomime this week and was amused that the most popular moments in the show still appears to be the times when the audience are all shouting the traditional warning to the hero of the danger posed by the pantomime villain lurking in the shadows. “He’s behind you’, the children all roar at the top of their voices, trying to make the hero fully aware of the looming catastrophe, which thankfully never happens. This seasonal standard can be dismissed as unoriginal and aimed at children, but for Canada this year it has a more than usual relevance.
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Criticism of PRPPs is based on wishful thinking

November 23, 2011 Tom Murray

Illustrate Plus Pensions Moshe A. Milevsky Canada Life and Pensions

There has been a good deal of negative comment on the Harper’s government’s introduction of pooled registered pension plans (PRPPs), which has intensified now that the federal legislation has finally been tabled. Respected personal finance commentators, such as Moshe A. Milevsky of Moneyville, have criticized the plans on the basis that they are not actually pensions, given that they don’t supply a guaranteed result. Therefore they believe PRPPs should be regarded simply as investment plans, with all the risks they bring.
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