EU puts a PEPP in the step of digital delivery of pensions

January 08, 2019 Tom Murray

EU Life and Pensions European Union PEPP Pan-European Pension Product

EU puts a PEPP in the step of digital delivery of pensions   The clock is ticking down towards the European Parliament elections in May.  This means that the deadline for the adoption of the Pan-European Pension Product framework is looming, as it is intended that this should be completed before the end of the current parliament.   Indeed, this is probably a necessity, as a new Parliament will inevitably mean a delay whilst new committees are setup and new priorities for the parliament are decided.  Thus, if it doesn’t get adopted prior to the breakup of this parliament, then it is likely to be at best significantly delayed, at worst deprioritised and pushed to the back of the list.
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The Brexit circus is coming to town

January 07, 2016 Tom Murray

forecast Investment markets UK Bank of England EU

This article was originally commissioned and published in December 2015 for Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts. Tom Murray considers the troublesome wait for Brexit and how this uncertainty could cause major volatility in the investment markets.
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Manitoba Retail Sales Tax change is a backward move

June 14, 2012 Tom Murray

liability Pensions EU Canada Life and Pensions

Canada could learn from the EU The announcement yesterday that Manitoba was imposing Retail Sales Tax (RST) on protection products is a backward step in the drive to get Canadians to take responsibility for their own futures. The RST will apply to individual disability insurance, critical illness insurance and group disability insurance coverage.
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