There is no fairness in reducing pension’s tax relief

April 17, 2015 Tom Murray

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We are in the midst of a general election and, naturally, there are all sorts of spending proposals flying around. Of course these proposals will need to be paid for, and it is worrying how frequently the idea of reducing pensions tax relief is being bandied around as a means of raising funds to pay for these new proposals.
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Pension’s regime collapses like a House of Cards

March 25, 2014 Tom Murray

pension lump sum Pensions general election UK Admin Plus

Is the recent pension reform by Chancellor George Osborne, which has caused mayhem in the post-retirement market, a stroke of genius or a political masterstroke worthy of Machiavelli? The scale of his reforms took everyone by surprise, last Wednesday; in particular, the abandonment of the compulsion to buy an annuity or drawdown product with one’s pension savings and to allow full access to the money, albeit taxed at the individuals marginal rate.
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Ms Reeves should go one step further on pension advice

February 12, 2014 Tom Murray

voucher Pensions general election UK Work and Pensions

Labour’s shadow secretary for Work and Pensions, Rachel Reeves has decided to bring forward some radical proposals in the pension’s area for inclusion in Labour’s manifesto for next year’s general election. It seems at last that the vital, yet frequently unrecognised, area of pensions is likely to figure prominently in next year’s campaign.
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