Actuarial Post: The Ecosystem of Trust

March 19, 2019 Tom Murray

insurance fintech trusted network Millennials ecosystem

Actuarial Post: The Ecosystem of Trust This article was originally commissioned for Inner Workings, a monthly column written by Tom Murray, in the  March 2019 edition of the Actuarial Post.   Insurance is generally regarded as a background product, one of the necessities of life that most people have but do not regard as very exciting when compared to most of their other possessions.  Rarely do you find people snapping or instagraming the moment when their policy proposal is accepted.  In a world when even the most mundane events are seen as fodder for the voracious social media beasts, the highpoint of the insurance cycle doesn’t quite make the cut.
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Actuarial Post: “And, finally… robot-pets”

December 06, 2018 Tom Murray

insurance retirement planning long term care products Long Term Care robots

ACTUARIAL POST: “And, finally… robot-pets” This article was originally commissioned for Inner Workings, a monthly column written by Tom Murray, in the  November 2018 edition of the Actuarial Post.   The use of robots in Japanese care homes has featured a lot lately in the last segment of the news – the light-hearted piece that is scheduled in order to finish the news broadcast on a pleasanter note, following the bad news items that have gone before. These segments generally focus on the ability of automated robots to interact with elderly people and perform simple tasks such as fetching a glass of water or switching off a light. The topic is dealt with as an amusing item to amaze and entertain people. But beneath the trivial entertainment value of these segments, lies a serious question; is this is a feasible solution for the UK, given the huge looming issue of care provision for the country?
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Blockchain - From TedTalks, Is it for Insurance & Pensions

January 18, 2017 Sharon Cronin

insurance blockchain

Every day I pick up the newspaper; Blockchain is in there somewhere... There is no doubt that blockchain technology has amassed enormous buzz and promises to revolutionise not just the insurance and pension market but society!  If you are just starting out with your research on Blockchain,  to help you with your research we have decided to share a great TED talk by digital strategist Don Tapscott who gives an accessible overview of how blockchain technology works before going on to explain just how it will democratise finance and break down barriers.
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2017 - the year automation takes a quantum leap

January 03, 2017 Norman Carroll

Pensions insurance blockchain

2017 - THE YEAR AUTOMATION TAKES A QUANTUM LEAP When I wrote my New Year’s Blog in 2016, I said that the pace of technological, regulatory and political change would increase throughout 2016, promising a year of exciting challenges and opportunities for all of us in the life and pensions sector.  Little did I know what a massive understatement I was making!
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Lloyd’s of London loss means a push for insurance software

December 14, 2016 Tom Murray

software provider SaaS insurance

Lloyd’s of London has come out this week saying that they lost money in 2016, which will drive the 90 in the insurance market to be more selective in the risks they take for 2017 and forcing Lloyd's to cut its current subscription rates.
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Insurance software market is growing and it will be big

December 12, 2016 Sharon Cronin

SaaS insurance

A recent report from market research company IBIS has projected that the insurance software and insurance administration solutions sector is to exceed $8 billion this year.
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Liar Liar, pants on fire; ABI say “Premiums Higher”

July 26, 2016 Tom Murray

insurance ABI CLAIMS

Liar Liar, pants on fire; ABI say “Premiums Higher” The amazing thing about many statements from the insurance industry is that they reveal just how internally focused the whole industry has become.  A typical example came following the Supreme Court’s decision that an insurance claim could not be struck out on the basis of a collateral lie.  This was defined as meaning a lie that was not relevant to the actual claim and therefore the claim would have been successful even if the lie had not been told. 
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Global insurer goes live with Exaxe software solution Illustrate Plus

June 27, 2014 Sharon Cronin

global insurer Illustrate Plus insurance Press releases software

NEWS RELEASE: Dublin, Ireland, 27th May 2014.
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