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April 02, 2019 Tom Murray

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Home is where the wealth is This article was originally commissioned for the March 2019 edition of the Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts Magazine. Tom Murray argues that a vibrant equity release market will be vital in helping the elderly to access the level of care they need. One of the biggest issues faced by the UK is the difficulty people have in maintaining their lifestyles in retirement when the majority of their wealth is tied up in bricks and mortar.  How to provide decent pensions and social care for the elderly, when many of them are asset rich and cash poor is a fundamental problem facing our society, along with most societies in the western world.  For the provision of care to the elderly is spectacularly expensive; average home care costs are £30,000 p.a., £40,000 if nursing care is required.
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Joined-up Thinking

April 25, 2017 Tom Murray

long term care plans auto enrolment Long Term Care

THIS ARTICLE WAS ORIGINALLY COMMISSIONED AND PUBLISHED IN THE  February 2017 EDITION OF THE INVESTMENT LIFE & PENSIONS MONEYFACTS PUBLICATION.   Joined-up thinking   The recent call from Aon for Long Term Care to be handled by the same government department that manages pensions, in order to ensure joined up thinking across both policy areas, is an excellent idea. Given that long term care is overwhelmingly an issue of old age and that pension savings are to provide for one’s needs post-retirement, the effect of initiatives in one area should always be considered by those who are implementing policy within the other.
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Long term care market needs innovation - Life and Pension

November 05, 2013 Tom Murray

long term care market Pensions UK long term care plans LTC

This article was originally commissioned and published in August 2013 for Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts publication.
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