There is no fairness in reducing pension’s tax relief

April 17, 2015 Tom Murray

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We are in the midst of a general election and, naturally, there are all sorts of spending proposals flying around. Of course these proposals will need to be paid for, and it is worrying how frequently the idea of reducing pensions tax relief is being bandied around as a means of raising funds to pay for these new proposals.
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The ship has sailed on pension reform

December 10, 2014 Tom Murray

decumulation Pensions UK politicians politics

As we reach the end of 2014, it has become clear that the Pension Reform announced last March by the Chancellor George Osborne is here to stay. It is universally popular with retirees and no potential government can hope to get in without promising to maintain it. Only time will tell if it will lead to problems further down the road. As it stands, the people have welcomed the opportunity to take charge of their own financial affairs in retirement and will dismiss anyone who lectures them on their inability to manage their own money.
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Canada needs to resist politician’s syllogism

September 19, 2013 Tom Murray

financial products Pensions UK Canada advice gap

Politicians frequently act upon the politicians’ syllogism: We must do something. This is something, Therefore we must do this.
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Pension sector needs to believe in itself

June 04, 2013 Tom Murray

Pensions UK EU politicians Life and Pensions

The life and pensions industry is a sophisticated player that delivers huge benefits to its customers globally and has improved the lives of all the generations that have been born since its foundation.
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