Strawman more urgent than snowman

March 02, 2018 Tom Murray

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Strawman more urgent than snowman   The Irish Government’s latest foray into the world of pension reform has been buried under an avalanche of snow. Given the ageing population in Ireland and the ever-mounting costs of providing for people in their old age, this issue deserves far more front-page space than the ability of people to survive two days without a fresh supply of bread or milk. Such is human nature, however, that we find Storm Emma dominating the front pages whilst the government plans for pensions are firmly buried deep in the business sections.
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Short term pensions ministers inhibits long term strategies

June 22, 2017 Tom Murray

politics pension policy Minister for pensions

Short term pension ministers inhibits long term strategies The fourth pensions minister in two years is in the building.  In May 2015, the minister was Steve Webb, the Liberal Democrat incumbent who was replaced after the general election by Baroness Ros Altman. 
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Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts: Depoliticising Pensions

May 05, 2016 Tom Murray

Pensions politics budget governement

This article was originally commissioned and published in the April 2016 edition of the Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts publication. Following the Budget, Tom Murray argues that pensions policy needs to be taken out of the day-to-day Government cycle and treated more like a major infrastructural project.
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The ship has sailed on pension reform

December 10, 2014 Tom Murray

decumulation Pensions UK politicians politics

As we reach the end of 2014, it has become clear that the Pension Reform announced last March by the Chancellor George Osborne is here to stay. It is universally popular with retirees and no potential government can hope to get in without promising to maintain it. Only time will tell if it will lead to problems further down the road. As it stands, the people have welcomed the opportunity to take charge of their own financial affairs in retirement and will dismiss anyone who lectures them on their inability to manage their own money.
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Latest pension changes undermine the case for pension tax relief

September 29, 2014 Tom Murray

UKIP Pensions UK tax relief Osborne

The Conservative Party has been heartened to hear that the Chancellor is responding to the attacks from UKIP with a straightforward appeal to the grey vote. He will announce to the party conference today that he is changing the tax rules that apply to income drawdown pots post the death of the pensioner; the so-called death tax that applies to the family who cash in the pension fund. From now on, this will only be taxed at the marginal rate, if the pensioner is over 75 when he dies and will not be taxed at all if the pensioner dies before that age.
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