Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts: The robots are coming

August 15, 2018 Tom Murray

The future of financial advice robo-guidance Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts robo-advice Artificial intelligence

Anything you can do, (A)I can do better  This article was originally commissioned for the July 2018 edition of the Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts Magazine. Tom Murray looks at how artificial intelligence could prove beneficial to providing financial services to the mass market. 
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Smart devices are key to reaching smart millennials

July 12, 2018 Tom Murray

smartphones smart technology robo-advice Millennials smart pensions

ACTUARIAL POST: Smart devices are key to reaching smart millennials This article was originally commissioned for Inner Workings, a monthly column written by Tom Murray, in the  July 2018 edition of the Actuarial Post.   For years, there was a huge problem in the pension industry.  People didn’t get interested in the idea of pensions until they were older and thereby missed out on the savings and employer/government contributions in the early years of their working life.    Finally, the UK seems to have cracked it.  The latest figures from the Department of Work and Pensions give the amazing news that not only did over 80% of all eligible employees contribute to a workplace pension last year but that the number of millennials contributing was 78%.  Given the pressures facing millennials in the primary areas of housing and their usually lower earnings as they are at the early stage of their careers, this is a tremendous result. 
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Actuarial Post: Even Robots must be regulated

June 28, 2018 Tom Murray

FCA regulations robo-advice robots

Actuarial post: Even Robots must be regulated This article was originally commissioned for Inner Workings, a monthly column written by Tom Murray, in the  June 2018 edition of the Actuarial Post.   The FCA have started their review process of firms providing retail investment advice through automated channels. They are trying to see how they can best regulate the new area of auto-advisers. Whilst it is still early days in this market, it is only at the evolutionary stage and there were only three firms examined, the potential for significant harm if they get it wrong is very great. The challenges for the FCA are great in trying to control an aspect of the industry that is only beginning to take on shape.
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Exaxe revealed as Financial Innovation Awards 2017 finalist

October 05, 2017 Sharon Cronin

Press releases fintech Exaxe News Awards robo-advice

EXAXE REVEALED AS FINANCIAL INNOVATION AWARDS 2017 FINALIST NEWS RELEASE - Dublin, 5th October 2017 Exaxe is delighted to announce that it has made it through to the finalists for the Technology Vendors – Best Insurance, Investments and Pensions solution award at the 2017 Financial Innovation Awards which is due to take place at Hilton Bankside, London, on 7th December 2017.  
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Exaxe launches robo-advice solution Advice Plus

September 25, 2017 Sharon Cronin

Press releases robo-guidance fintech Exaxe News robo-advice

EXAXE LAUNCHES ROBO ADVICE SOLUTION NEWS RELEASE: Dublin, Ireland, 25th September 2017. Exaxe, the award winning provider of digital solutions to the life, pensions and wealth sector, announced today the release of Advice Plus, its new SaaS based automated advice solution.  This new product was developed in response to the increasing demand from companies within the sector for innovative solutions to enable and transform their businesses to meet the challenges of the digital world.  
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Investec into life insurance, Pension Board and Robo Future in the UK

Pensions robo-advice life insurance

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Exaxe R&D proving investment & hard work is paying Off

robo-guidance robo-advice

Exaxe are getting ready to officially launch their Robo Advice platform for the European market.  Exaxe has invested heavily in R&D to build a solution that provides a new and innovative approach for advisers and L&P organisations to offer their clients sophisticated options with enhanced rebalancing capabilities. Unlike other advice solutions, which only provide a single product view, Exaxe’s sophisticated algorithms provide a full holistic, multi-product view incorporating a gap analysis. Exaxe’s market research, with some of the leading European L&P organisations, has garnered very positive feedback, along with confirmation that there is not another product like Exaxe’s Robo Advice solution. “We are very excited about initial feedback on our Robo Advice solution.  It only goes to prove that we, with the backing of Enterprise Ireland, were right to invest our time and money in Robo” said Tom Murray, Head of Product Strategy. Only recently did Accenture produce a report stating that "Seven out of 10 Consumers Globally Welcome Robo-Advice for Banking, Insurance and Retirement Services".  Of the 33,000 people surveyed if found that 74% are now open to robo-advice to help determine which insurance coverage to purchase and 68% on how to plan for retirement. We are expecting that the digital revolution that has transformed the way consumers buy online, music, hail taxis and communicate with each other is catching up to the life insurance and pension industry. Exaxe are leaders when it comes to working with companies on digitally enabling their staff, improving the interaction with consumers and intermediaries in real-time omnichannel environments and offering remote and robo advice at any hour on any platform.
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LIFE & PENSION NEWS RECAP - Robo Advice, yes or no and having to work for lonGER

March 27, 2017 Sharon Cronin

robo-guidance robo-advice

This week's up is about Robo advice how one side it can help and one the other end of the debate is there a better choice? Also, are you going to need to keep working?
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LIFE & PENSION NEWS RECAP - RBS going Robo, tech is key of Auto-Enrolment & Pension Dashboard

March 22, 2017 Sharon Cronin

robo-guidance Life & Pensions robo-advice

RBS is on the road to Robo Advice
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Blockchain: what is it, what is it not and what will come first

March 01, 2017 Sharon Cronin

robo-advice blockchain

In Tom's latest piece for the Actuarial Post, he talks about blockchain and if it will, in fact, have any impact on the Life Insurance & Pension industry.
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