UK’s new guidance body needs to focus on technology

January 24, 2019 Tom Murray

guidance technology financial education SFGB Single Financial Guidance Body

UK’s new guidance body needs to focus on technology The arrival of the Single Financial Guidance Body is a welcome streamlining of the UK Government’s approach to the provision of financial guidance to the general population.  Merging the three existing bodies, the Money Advice Service, the Pensions Advisory Service and Pension Wise, into a single organisation brings clarity to the services provided by the government.    Although it has yet to be given its official name – the SFGB being an unwieldy working title – the fact that it doesn’t contain the word advice is a good sign. It shows that the body is aware that the use of the word ‘Advice’ in two of the bodies now making up the service was dangerous and could easily confuse the unwary into thinking they were receiving independent advice.  This would be a good indication that the final name chosen will avoid that trap. 
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