Smart devices are key to reaching smart millennials

July 12, 2018 Tom Murray

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ACTUARIAL POST: Smart devices are key to reaching smart millennials This article was originally commissioned for Inner Workings, a monthly column written by Tom Murray, in the  July 2018 edition of the Actuarial Post.   For years, there was a huge problem in the pension industry.  People didn’t get interested in the idea of pensions until they were older and thereby missed out on the savings and employer/government contributions in the early years of their working life.    Finally, the UK seems to have cracked it.  The latest figures from the Department of Work and Pensions give the amazing news that not only did over 80% of all eligible employees contribute to a workplace pension last year but that the number of millennials contributing was 78%.  Given the pressures facing millennials in the primary areas of housing and their usually lower earnings as they are at the early stage of their careers, this is a tremendous result. 
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