Real-time data & uk policy administration systems

is your pas choking your customer driven strategy?

This white paper examines the challenges facing providers in administrating business in the life and pensions industry as we move towards the third decade of the 21st Century, and it considers what are the fundamental requirements needed for an administration system if it is to meet those challenges.

White paper contents:
Real-time-PAS_Exaxe_White_Paper1. Introduction
2. New market
2.1 High-tech Lifestyle
2.2 What do customers want
3. Opportunity knocks
4. Adapt or die
5. Demanding world of on-demand services
6. Wrapping legacy systems
7. Administration platform for the future
7.1 Straight through processing without intermediaries
7.2 Flexible systems
7.3 Right now delivery
7.4 Personalised services
7.5 Customer behavioural analytics
8. Conclusion