SUBSCRIBE; The best answer to the eternal buy vs build question

Once a business request is made for new IT capability, a CTO is presented with a fundamental dilemma; should the solution be bought in or built in-house? Either way, there are major challenges for the CTO, whichever direction he or she chooses. Now subscription offers a third option. This white paper examines the challenges facing providers in making their choice of which option will suit their business best.

SaaS Whitepaper-cover-2018.png


White paper contents:

1. Introduction
1.1 Relentless technology and consumer expectation
Market Dynamics
1.2 IT departments overwhelmed
2. The self-build option
3.The buy option
4. Subscription - the 3rd way
4.1 Configure don't customise
4.2 SaaS for the future
5. Conclusion
5.1 Comparison Chart